Vision & Mission

Vision: To foster innovations, business growth, and employment opportunities in rural India, tier II, and III cities of India.

Mission: To be a premium product innovation, design, and development center in India by 2025 within the academic arena.


1)     Nurture Innovations

  •  That benefit rural community, tier 2 & 3 cities, that impact large populace.
  •  From entrepreneurs and innovators from tier 2, 3 cities, and villages.
  •  That is financially viable – proven business feasibility and scalable.

2)     Idea to Product

  •  Engineering services, design, development and validation, DFX – X = quality, reliability, durability, profitability, sustainability, and serviceability.
  •  Marketing support: Placement, branding, go-to-market strategy, and channel development.
  •  Manufacturing: In-house or contract manufacturing, supply chain development, quality management, capacity planning, and optimization.

3)     Protect Innovations by

  •  Filing IP rights, IP landscaping, avoid infringement, creating awareness about IP rights, and developing an innovation culture.
  •  Facilitation of technology transfer, JV agreements, and IP monetization.
  •  Collaborating with international IP agencies to file IP rights in different parts of the world.